TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine CD ROMs -------- --------- ---------- ----------
Addams Family, The (Super CD) NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Altered Beast (Japan) NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Bloody Wolf NEC Complete Uncommon $20.00
Bonk's Adventure NEC Complete Common+ $15.00
Cosmic Fantasy 2 Working Designs Complete Uncommon $25.00
Crest of the Wolf (Japan / Super CD) Hudson Complete RARE $35.00
Dragonball Z (Japan / Super CD) Bandai Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Dragon Saber (Japan) Namco Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Dragon Slayer: TLoH (Super CD) Hudson Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Dragon Slayer: TLoH II (Japan / Super CD) Hudson Complete Uncommon+ $15.00
Dragon Spirit (Super CD) Namco Complete Uncommon $15.00
Dungeon Explorer NEC Complete Common+ $15.00
Exile Working Designs Complete Uncommon $20.00
Future Boy Conan (Japan / Super CD) Telenet Complete Uncommon $15.00
Galaga '90 NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Gambler Jikochushinha (Japan) Hudson Complete Uncommon $10.00
Fatal Fury 2 (Japan / Arcade CD) Hudson Complete Uncommon $15.00
Gate of Thunder (Super CD) TTI Complete Uncommon $25.00
Ghost Warrior Spriggan (Japan) Naxat Game Only RARE+ $40.00
J.B. Harold Murder Club NEC Complete Uncommon $15.00
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones NEC Complete Common $5.00
Last Alert NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Magical Dinosaur Tour NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Momotarou Densetsu Gaiden (Japan) Hudson Complete Uncommon+ $15.00
Monster Lair NEC Complete Uncommon $15.00
Neo Metal Fantasy (Japan / Super CD) Human Complete RARE $18.00
Prince of Persia (Japan / Super CD) Riverhill Soft Complete Common+ $5.00
Riot Zone TTI Complete Uncommon $15.00
S.C.I.: Special Criminal Investigation Taito Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Splash Lake (Japan) NEC Complete Uncommon $10.00
Splatterhouse NEC Complete Uncommon+ $25.00
Tricky Kick NEC Complete Common+ $8.00
Valis 2 NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Valis 3 NEC Complete Uncommon+ $20.00
Ys Book I & II NEC Complete Uncommon+ $25.00
Vasteel Working Designs Complete RARE $30.00