Magnavox Odyssey 2 -------- ---------- ------- -----
Alien Invaders - Plus! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Alpine Skiing! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Attack of the Timelord! NAP CIB Uncommon $5.00
Baseball! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Blockout!/Breakdown! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Bowling! Basketball! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Computer Golf! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Conquest of the World NAP Box / Missing Parts RARE $11.00
Cosmic Conflict! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Dynasty! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Football! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Freedom Fighters! NAP CIB Common $2.00
Invaders from Hyperspace! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
K.C. Munchkin! NAP CIB Common $2.00
K.C.'s Krazy Chase! NAP CIB Uncommon $6.00
Las Vegas Blackjack! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Matchmaker!/Logix!/Buzzword! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Monkeyshines! NAP CIB Common+ $4.00
Out of this World! / Helicopter Rescue! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Pick Axe Pete! NAP CIB Uncommon $7.00
Pocket Billiards! Magnavox CIB Common+ $4.00
P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! NAP CIB Uncommon $6.00
Showdown In 2100 A.D.! Magnavox CIB Common $2.00
Smithereens! NAP CIB Uncommon $5.00
Speedway!/Spinout!/Crypto-Logic! Magnavox CIB Common $1.00
Take the Money and Run! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Thunderball! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
Turtles! NAP CIB Uncommon+ $15.00
Quest For the Rings NAP CIB RARE $20.00
UFO! Magnavox CIB Common+ $4.00
Volleyball! Magnavox CIB Common+ $3.00
War of Nerves! Magnavox Good Common+ $3.00
3DO Hardware -------- ---------- ------- -----
Gex: Enter the Gecko Crystal Dynamics Good Common $5.00
SNK Neo-Geo Pocket -------- ---------- ------- -------
Fatal Fury: First Contact SNK Good Common+ $8.00
King of Fighters R-2 SNK Good Uncommon $10.00
Metal Slug: 1st Mission SNK Good Uncommon $20.00
Neo Turf Masters SNK Good Uncommon+ $15.00
Pac-Man Namco Good Common+ $8.00
Samurai Shodown 2 SNK Good Uncommon+ $15.00
Atari XL/XE Computer -------- --------- ---------- -------
Abracadabra TG Software Good RARE $20.00
Ace of Aces Atari Good Uncommon $6.00
Astrochase Parker Bros. Good Uncommon+ $10.00
Basic 1.0 Atari Good Common $1.00
Centipede Atari Good Common $1.00
Congo Bongo Sega Good RARE $20.00
Crystal Castles Atari Good EXTREMELY RARE $40.00
Demon Attack Imagic Good Uncommon $10.00
Donkey Kong Atari Good Common $2.00
Fight Night Accolade Good Uncommon+ $10.00
Frogger Parker Bros. Good Common+ $4.00
Gateway to Apshai Epyx Good Uncommon+ $15.00
GATO Atari Good Uncommon $8.00
K-Razy Antics CBS Games Good RARE $22.00
Kickback Thorn EMI Good Uncommon+ $12.00
Math Mileage CBS Games Good Uncommon+ $12.00
Ms. Pac-Man Atari Good Common+ $4.00
Ozzy's Orchard TG Software Good RARE $25.00
Pac-Man Atari Good Common $1.00
Pitfall! Activision Good Uncommon+ $12.00
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns Activision Good RARE $22.00
Slime Synapse Good Uncommon $8.00
Space Invaders Atari Good Common $1.00
Spider City Sirius Good Uncommon+ $15.00
Squish 'Em Sirius Good RARE $22.00
Star Raiders Atari Good Common $1.00
Super Cobra Parker Bros. Side Label Torn Uncommon+ $15.00
Up for Grabs Spinnaker Good RARE $22.00
Wizard of Wor Roklan Good Uncommon $10.00
Coleco Telstar Arcade -------- --------- ---------- -------
Arcade Cartridge #1 Coleco Good RARE+ $15.00
Arcade Cartridge #2 Coleco Good EXTREMELY RARE $20.00
Arcade Cartridge #3 Coleco Good EXTREMELY RARE $30.00
Arcade Cartridge #4 Coleco Good ULTRA RARE $100.00
Texas Instruments TI-99/4a Computer -------- --------- ---------- -------
A-Maze-Ing Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Adventure Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Alien Addition Texas Instruments Good Uncommon $5.00
Alpiner Texas Instruments Good Common $2.00
Attack, The Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Blackjack and Poker Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Centipede Atarisoft Good Uncommon+ $7.00
Chisholm Trail Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Defender Atarisoft Worn Label Common+ $5.00
Division 1 Scott Foresman Good Common $1.00
Editor/Assembler Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Hangman Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Home Financial Decisions Texas Instruments Good Common+ $1.00
Hunt the Wumpus Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Jawbreaker II Texas Instruments Good Common+ $3.00
Microsoft Multiplan Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Miner 2049'r Tigervision Good Uncommon+ $20.00
Munch Man Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Othello Texas Instruments Good Common+ $3.00
Parsec Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Percents Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Personal Real Estate Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Personal Record Keeping Texas Instruments Good Common+ $1.00
Pole Position Atarisoft Good Uncommon $5.00
Protector Atarisoft Good Common+ $5.00
Q*Bert Parker Bros. Good Uncommon $5.00
Reading Flight 6A Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Reading Roundup Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Securities Analysis Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
TI Extended Basic Texas Instruments Good Uncommon+ $1.00
TI Extended Basic (Blue Label) Texas Instruments Good Uncommon+ $1.00
Touch Typing Tutor Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Tunnels of Doom Texas Instruments Good Common $1.00
Video Chess Texas Instruments Good Common+ $3.00